Friday, November 15, 2013

Milk Myths: Making the Switch To Raw Milk

Over the past four days, I've (hopefully) helped inform you on the facts of raw and commercially produced milk. You've done your own research, informed yourself as much as you can, prayed, and talked to your family about it. You've made the decision to take it on and switch to raw milk. Now you need help in finding out how to go about it.

Well, first, I will tell you to just try a tablespoon or so the first time. As with anything else, your body may have a little adjusting to do. If you aren't already eating a real food diet, which I strongly encourage you to do, then your body will have even more adjusting to do because it won't be used to good bacteria at all. Take it slow.

What's it taste like? Heavenly, in my opinion. It has a much more "earthy" hint to it, because the cows are actually eating grass. So, you can taste the different herbs and such in the milk. I can't drink regular commercially-produced milk. It just taste bad to me. It tastes sour. I've had a problem consuming it for as long as I can remember without it having some kind of flavoring in it. So, to me, raw milk is absolutely awesome tasting.

Is it legal? Well, that depends on where you live. There are 6 different categories: Retail Sale Legal, Farm Sale Legal, Herd Share Legal, No Law On Herd Shares, Pet Food Legal, and Illegal. Check out this map to see where your state falls.

It is legal in my state, how do I source it? Well, you can start by asking around at your local farmers market. You may find a farmer that has it, or at the very least, a person who knows a reputable source. Another place is the real milk finder website. Just click on your state and sources will pop up. Find one close to your area and give them a call to find out their rates and when you can visit :).

How do I know it is a good source? Well, you should be able to visit. You can tell by a visit if the cows are being treated humanely and are in sanitary conditions. You can also ask questions! A good farmer will have nothing to hide. Ask about the cows diet, whether or not it contains any GMO grains, how often they are put out to pasture, how often they are confined, if they are ever given grains. The source of their diet (if they aren't continually pastured, sometimes the source isn't directly from the farm). If they are given any antibiotics, just use your education to arm you with questions!

I hope that you can find an excellent source for raw milk, if you choose that path for you and your family. Know that in the process, you are supporting a small farmer, and healthy, sanitary farming practices, something that is almost non-existent in our society today. I hope you can find a farm that you are happy with and can knowingly give your family safe, healthy raw milk and other raw dairy products. I pray that this decision is the best decision you ever make concerning your families diet, it sure was ours! I also pray, that in the future, raw milk is readily available in our country and becomes a staple in our diet like it is in so many other countries around the world.

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