Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Milk Myths: Why Milk Is Pasteurized

We have been led to believe a lie. Milk must be pasteurized in order to be safe. Guess what? Milk that  was safe for drinking existed long before Pasteur. So, why are we told that only pasteurized milk is safe?

Well, because if you are purchasing milk from the store. It definitely needs pasteurized. Most people aren't allowed on dairy farms, they have signs like these:

So, you see a sign like this, you have to wonder why. Our industrial dairy farms are packed to the brim with cattle. These cattle are treated poorly, left in completely unsanitary conditions often standing hoof deep in their own urine and feces. They are fed inferior diets and pumped full of hormones in order to produce more milk to keep up with demand while still keeping the cost to consumers affordable. 

The lifespan of an average dairy cow can be 20 or more years. However, industrial dairy cows are lucky to live 4 or 5 years. A healthy dairy cow rarely has an illness throughout its entire life, yet compare that with industrial cows and you see a dark and grim contrast. These cows are poorly treated and live most of their incredibly short lives with illness. 

These cows are forced into producing five times (or more) the normal amount of milk in the name of demand and affordability. Because of this, they often live with chronic mastitis. This chronic infection is "handled" by constantly feeding them antibiotics (injected straight into the udder,  I might add). Pus is often, actually visible at the bottom of milk tanks because of these infections!! Cows with cancer, tumors, and visible infections are allowed to produce the milk that makes its way to your table.


Yeah, that's disgusting!

Don't worry though. That beautiful white liquid you're giving your children has been heated and strained for their protection. Surely most of the pus, blood, feces, mucous, and urine has been strained out, or at the very least, heated to the point it is no longer harmful. 

Keep in mind anything fed or injected into an animal can (and will) make its way into meat and milk. So, all those lovely antibiotics, GMO grains, and hormones are making their way into your commercially produced milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products. I don't know about you, but
I sure don't want my kids drinking antibiotics for breakfast.

And vitamin D? Forget it. Most of these cows never see the light of day, so even though your milk label might say "Vitamin D Milk" there is very little, if any, vitamin D in it. These cows are fed GMO grains, candy, garbage, even chicken poop. They are malnourished, they are chronically ill, they are never outdoors, and they are forced into producing way more milk than they were ever meant to. 

Cows were never meant to eat grains. The commercial farm industry started feeding them grains because they are cheaper to produce and the cows never have to be left out to pasture. The farmers never have to worry about keeping up a pasture for the cows to graze, because they will never be outside to graze in one. Cows were meant to eat grass. It is visible from their mouths and teeth all the way through their digestive systems. 

If it wasn't for small, local farmers committed to healthy, sustainable practices, we wouldn't drink milk (or eat meat for that matter). I don't believe any animal should be treated in such a horrible way, and I don't think any human should consume products from animals treated that way. It just encourages the practice.... 

Given all of this information do I think you should jump on the raw milk bandwagon? Well, I encourage each of you to do your own research, talk amongst your families, and pray. I encourage you all to make the best decision for your families. For mine it was obvious, go raw or not at all. For others it may not be so obvious, or even simple, for that matter. I hope each of you find your way.

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